Lessons Learned from The Brands You Love 2.0


In the first Lessons Learned from the Brands You Love session, Alyx and Kate looked at how corporate brands are changing the game by focusing on content-driven experiences.


They shared ideas on how public libraries can apply the same approaches in their marketing strategy. In this second installment of the series, Alyx and Kate are back to focus on another crucial marketing topic: website strategy.

Why is your library's website brand so important? Your website lets the world know what to expect of your library's services and programs. It helps communicate everything your library has to offer and emphasizes that your library is much more than a place patrons use to borrow collections. 

In this webinar, you'll learn what major brands are doing to:

  • Merchandize their services (so that you can apply the same ideas to how you digitally communicate all your library's services)
  • Personalize experiences (so you can get ideas of ways to promote personalized recommendations across your website)
  • Maximize the benefits of UX (so you can approach your website with a UX lens in mind to ensure visitors have the best experience possible)

Maintaining an up-to-date, inviting, and useful website can seem like a lot of work—and don't get us wrong, we know it's challenging—but thankfully, there are website tools with powerful functions that can help your efforts go further. 

Learn how to be agile enough to quickly adapt to the ever-changing web trends and take the best practices of the web from other industries and apply them to your library!



Alyx Park
Sr. Partnership Development Lead


Kate Browning
Partnership Development Lead



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